Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Charity Cards - Baby Congratulations

I've made quite a few of these little cardigan cards after I was given a bag of them to use up - also I've since made quite a few of my own too, they are SOOOOO easy to do once you get the hang of it.
If you've still got some wool in your craft stash somewhere, give it a go, tiny needles are best then you can easily transfer them to the cocktail sticks.

I use plain beads on the ends and file the sharp points off mine. Health and safety, health and safety, got to be aware of that these days!!! LOL!!!

It only takes small scraps of wool and they look so effective don't you think?


Here's what you need to make this card:

  • Small scraps of pastel coloured wool - unless you know whether it's a boy or girl!
  • Create the small cardigan and use some extra wool to make a small ball of wool for the card
  • Use any cardstock you have in the appropriate colour (pink, blue, lemon, white, cream etc)
  • I printed this background off a freebie from the internet - plain A4 paper can make four a6 card backgrounds so very economical for charity cards!
  • Various embellishments to add to the card, epoxy stickers (from a company called Scrapperware), Nesties, mini envelopes containing cards saying "It's a Boy/Girl" peel offs and flowers on the front
  • Bits and bobs from the stash box - anything can be used so nothing is wasted!

Have fun!

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Di said...

Wow, these are gorgeous Karen! And a bit spooky 'cos I used to make something similar with wool coming from little sheep onto cocktail stick needles. Great minds and all that! Now where are those leftover ones I never used??!! :) Di x