Monday, 30 May 2011

Not a kitty in sight....!

This was a kind of error on ebay.  I did actually bid on some dog stamps, but hit the wrong one.  I asked the seller to delete the bid, but she declined.  So I had to buy them.

I was extremely disappointed with the stamps, they were sold as new, but if they were I'll eat my hat!!!  They were yellow, all stuck to the backing paper, and when I tried to stamp with them they got stuck to the stamp pad!!!!! 

Anyway I'm stuck with them (no pun intended!) and when I can finally get them off the stamp pad, I had to colour in the outlines on some of them with a fineliner pen.  Not impressed but the card came out OK in the end I think.

I made my own backing by using the Elzybells kitty set I got from Di - pawprints are so good for so many cards! LOL!



Di said...

The card is just great Karen = love the pawprint backing paper you made. And, I hope you commented on the e-bay seller's quality as some other person might get caught out too. Despite all that I love the images and what you've done. Do I see a dog house there too?! )) Di x

Karen said...

Yes, it's not fair when you get caught out by ebayers not being totally honest. Yes i modelled the doghouse on one I've seen many many times....LOL!!!!

Di said...

Laughing here - you should decorate the inside of the dog house as we've spoken about :)) Di xx

Gill Mott said...

Hi Karen, After all your troubles the doggy card came out great. I hope you didn't leave any feedback on the embay seller, or a bad one if you did!!!