Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Look what Gill did with my digi images!

 Here's Jimmy - looking all cheeky and colourful with his red shirt and denim shorts.
Chloe and cupcakes, cupcakes are always a good idea!  Gill has added extras to the digi images which is a good way of using them.  These have cupcakes, others have dogs, or flowers. all excellent use of making your images go further by slightly changing them.
 Monster looks good in green with swirls and an idea of using string to add some texture.
A special card to me, which of course, has a cat on it!  I coloured some images for Gill a while ago and she's used them all very well in the cards she's made for the cancer charities/hospices that I donate too.  It's nice to see other people's cards and know they're all doing so much good for the charities.

Thank you Gill for sending me the cards and making the next batch to go to the cancer charities/hospices even better!


Di said...

Really well done Gill - they are just great. And now I have probs with Blogger here :( Di xx

Ambreen said...

Great work Gill...Just love them all.