Sunday, 22 May 2011

Gorjuss Girlie and her kitty!

Well there had to be a cat somewhere.  No life is complete without the pitter patter of kitty feet as they say!

I decided to go all girlie and pink with this one.  I got a little roll of ribbon in a new craft shop within a garden centre opened near here (lucky me!!!) and it was only £1.  More of that gorgeous paper from Rachel used here again.

Only two sheets left now sadly.....



Di said...

Don't talk to me about cats :( Have spent most of today standing guard, from a distance, watching over a little baby blackbird whilst a feline was determined to get it. Boo, hoo! You also don't comment on my blog any more, although you do visit - why is that I wonder? Anything up? - email me if you want. Di x

Gill said...

Look like we are all worried about you. Loved the picture, is anything up with your emails!! If so leave a commet on you blog.