Monday, 22 August 2011

Making the Pink and Girlie Book Style Card - a Tutorial

Here's the basic card - sizes below for the actual book pages

I've tried making these cards with "quality cardstock" and they turned out too big for the cover.  Here I've used the cheapest cardstock from the Pound Shop and it works brilliantly - folds easily and takes the ink well too.  You need the following CS:

  • 2 pieces of 24cm x 12.5cm
  • 2 pieces of 24cm x 14.5cm
I found it easier to punch one side (I only have two punches, this one is "Daisy" by EK Success I believe) first.  This CS is easy to punch too which helps my poor old carpal tunnel riddled hands!

All the pieces folded here
 Dafydd helped with the folding here.  You need to score the CS every 2 cms. Nice and easy!

Bit difficult to fold with paws - but I did it - says Dafydd!
 You can see how it all folds together before it is glued.  I just use a white glue - similar to school glue we used to have!  Did anyone else love to put it on their palms and then wait for it to dry and pick it off on the way home?!?!?!?  Oops perhaps it was just me!

You can see the folding better here - it fits together well
Once folded at 2cm intervals, interleave them to make the book - quite easy once you get the first one together.  
All four sides stuck together - watch out for the glue if you have paws!
See, says Dafydd, it all folds together nicely. Had to have a caffeine free soda to help calm me down when glue stuck on my paws!  Eeeeeowwww!  After this you need to use ink to distress the sides and front of the box. I need to find something to do this properly as I only have one distress ink to try and didn't think how I was going to put it on!!

Here's my favourite "Cheeky Monkey" tin which holds my crafting tools
So who else spotted this little tin of mine?  It has a matching mug in it which I use when crafting.  It's great for holding my crafting equipment.  Here you need DST to put on the outside edges of the book card, ready for adding ribbon, makes it look smarter - you can also use self adhesive ribbon of course if you have that.

Here's the outside I was working on shown on a previous WOYWW
 I'd already made the outside cover, so here are the dimensions for you:

  • 15cm deep x 13.7cm (front cover), 2cm spine, 13.7cm back cover
When I have a printer again I'll scan in the image to make it clearer for you if needed (please let me know).  You can then either punch the edges, or add some 'half the page' already made edging.  I then colour them and add some Stickles.  Just love the bling!

My first distressing isn't that brilliant - I was more distressed I think!
 All you need to do then is add a backing paper to the box and stick it to the inside of the cover.  Voila - now you can embellish it with whatever you want. 

This glitter goes everywhere in the bed - I wake up with it in my eyebrows.....ahem...!
I've not quite finished mine, but here's the main image - a lovely Penny Black one from Di.  It's so pretty and looks brilliant with the glitter - just watch where it goes if you craft on your bed like me - glittery eyebrows is not a good look!


Dorcas said...

THis is awesome, thanks! Hey, I love your "helper." LOL

Di said...

Caramba Karen!!! I knew there was a lot to my gorgeous card but you truly must have the patience of a Saint! Glad your little helper is beavering (or should that be monkeying?) away! Did you use the scoring blade on your trimmer? Good to see you back on the internet too :)) Di xx

Karen said...

Glad you like the tutorial, Dafydd likes to help! Yes I used the scoring tool, really handy and I don't have a scorepal or box maker to use. Easy to use and does so much, now I know why you like it so much!

Gillxxx said...

WOW!!!! what a lot of patience you have, it looks great, but I have a problem I don't a have a Dafydd to help me and tell me what to do!!!!
sent an email today glad to hear that you are back.