Sunday, 7 August 2011

Isn't she a sweetie, helping me craft......all for charity too...!

Well I just had to show you this.  This is our Domi, helping me to use my paper trimmer - she's really helpful, putting lovely faux stitching in pieces of paper, crumpling for the 'distressed' look on paper, dragging glitter all over the house and then me getting the blame....! 

The list is endless!  I wouldn't swap her for the world though, she's a little old lady of 18 now and such a cutie, she gets away with murder most days!



Gill xx said...

Loved the photo of Domi she looks like she is a great help. Very good company.

Di said...

Aw, how cute she is. Don't let her loose amongst the new pile of ribbons I sent - she'd have great fun tying a load of bows!

Karen said...

You aren't kidding - even when I took one out, several followed, so the claws won't help her much! She's good with faux stitching on card though...with the claws! LOL!