Friday, 13 August 2010

Time for a Close Up Mr De Mille

I made this card as a joke for a friend of mine - don't panic about the odd white bits on the top of the clapperboard - it's just me blanking out her name for the whole world to see in cyberspace.

Anyway, she treated me to the movies and dinner when we were out, as she does very often, and despite me saying I'll pay she always beats me to it, or threatens the assistant if they take my card and not hers. So this time I thought I'd send her a card saying this is a "FREE PASS" the next time we go to the movies.

It's purely a joke card, but came out quite well I think...and YES....I WILL be paying next time after sending this to make sure the message is well received and understood....LOL!


Here's what you need to make this card:

  • Plain black glossy pre-scored card in a pack from The Works - good if you can find one, lots are closing down - we have none near us now
  • Clapperboard and film strip downloaded from the internet - boy what did we do before the internet?!
  • White gel pen to write on the clapperboard
  • Silver mirri card, matted and layed with white card, then use a fineline black pen (I use old OHP pens I had in my drawer) to handwrite the "FREE TICKET" sentiment
  • Add gold stars (from the Make Your Own Christmas Cards pack from Tesco!)

Of course, you could just make this card for someone who is a movie/celeb fanatic and add in some photos of their fave celebs. I just left it blank for this card.

Have fun!


Di said...

Very clever and eyecatching! BTW, the black glossy cards came from 'The Works'......and I saw that it's closed down when I went into town on Wednesday. Boo, hoo!! :(


Karen said...

Thanks for letting me know Di! I've amended it now so it's right. We don't have any near us now either...... :-(

Gill Mott said...

I like your sense of humour. another great idea!!!!