Friday, 20 April 2012

For the Kitty Charity Fayre

You'll be seeing quite a few of these for a while.  All made from snippets.

I've kept them fairly simple and flat so they can be posted without any additional cost.  Postage is SO expensive now we as crafters have to think of these when making cards.

Hope you like them.



Gill x said...

Love this kitten card. Now what you mean about the postage. Have to watch how many layers we put on cards. Especially with stamps going up soon.

Elaine said...

Hi Karen , This is so pretty what a lovely card well done .
I am just catching up viewing as I have been poorly, feeling much better now and will be posting soon.
You have been making some fabulous cards since I have been away
well done Hugs Elaine

Di said...

Really cute Karen! I confess to stocking up on a shed load of normal and large sized 2nd and 1st Class stamps at the current price. Probably enough to last a couple of years, including Christmases :)


Di said...

Hi Karen

A lot of the wool was unsuitable really anyhow. Bobbly stuff, mohair, even some pure silk :(

If I find more will keep you in mind - I suspect there's some lurking in a wardrobe and if it's not darkish colours for the fish and chips knitting will let you know. Will also check local charity shop if I get time.

Sent you another tartan card link!
Check email - writing up the snippets here :)


May said...

Beautiful card Karen, that wee kitty is so cute.. I know what you mean about postage... Hugs May x x