Saturday, 2 July 2011

LOTV - Little Boys!

Di sent me this cute little square amongst many others which I'm now starting to get through quite quickly!!!!  I love this as it'll be great for a boy/man and I kept it fairly simple.  I don't think you can add glitter and flowers too much for the boys!

I used more of the circle ribbon (nearly gone now you'll be pleased to hear!), along with a gorgeous gold charm (from my bargain £2 set), this time it's a little computer.  I added some gold brads to the corners of the crimped quickkutz die, and will probably change the silver sentiment as it doesn't really go now I've got the photo done. 

Again another little thing I'm not happy with!  I think it comes from making cards on the bed which isn't easy and makes me ache all over, so I want to get it finished quicker than I should.  I've now got a nice tray, which I can put them on when almost done and not glue the embellies down until I'm happy with them, might try that for a while and see if it improves!



Di said...

Super Karen! Been away all day and have just seen this little gem - you're ahead of me using those LOTV squares and did a great job! Trays are useful even with desk space - somehwere to leave things to dry without being smudged is always good :)) Di xx

Karen said...

Thanks Di! Have been busy lately with a few new ideas. Glad you like him, so cute little boys from LOTV.

Gill said...

Lovely card for little or big boys, all big boys are little boys at heart??

I am sure that you will find the tray helpful, we can never have too much space, my spare beds looks a right mess at times.

Ambreen said...

Great work Karen...boys and their arcade and action video games...
so cute