Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Girlie Birthday

Sorry another photo just near the edge!  Hopefully the pooter will stop deleting them when I rotate them soon so I can go back to my original way of doing things.

Again this one uses my old peel offs - I got these ones in a few different colours so you'll be seeing more of them.  I lost enthusiasm for them, but now with the effect being done with die cuts they look ideal on so many of my charity cards!  Definitely "now" and "on trend" as they say!!! LOL!!
Another LOTV stamped image - I really should keep a note of who sends them to me, sorry peeps - let me know if it's you!  I'll give you credit for them! 

More stickles and a glittering background Nestie (from Di!), I also added Stickles to the sentiment ticket and also the ribbon flower.  Aren't they pretty.  I found them in my stash, a freebie on a magazine many moons ago, and decided to make them all up, so you'll see more of them soon - all different types so hopefully you won't get bored with them....!



Di said...

Really cute and so good to see the peeloffs being used. What goes around comes around :) Di x

Gill said...

Another lovely girly card, peeloffs look good, pays to keep all our little bits & bobs!!!!

Ambreen said...

what a perfectly done lovely card
thumbs up to your work