Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Charity Card

Here are some more of the 'sample' cards. This one was easy I just took the original front of the card and added it to a nice red CS to show it off. I had to stick her legs down as they kept jumping up!

Another simple one, this time I just added an insert. Ideal for charity cards - perfect but not too overfussy!

I added this one to a lovely pale blue CS and just added Card Candy to the edges. Along with an insert of course. I like to add inserts as it makes them more special I think don't you.

This was a real 'showy' card. I love the idea of ribbons on the side. I don't have many ribbons but this could be the perfect excuse to get some if I find them in the sale - they sure make the card look 'flashy' and different. Amazing how a small piece of ribbon can do that isn't it.



Di said...

I love these - esp. the one with the ribbons! So bright and cherful, and I love ribbons as you know! Di x

Gill Mott said...

Another lot of lovely cards, all nice and bright, and interesting.
Gill xx

Linda McClain said...

Oh wow, these just pop of the page. They're gorgeous.

Cindy Gay said...

Oh these are beautiful. Lovely embossing.

E.T said...

Wow! stunning creations!

JustYolie said...

Beautiful cards!
I found you through Feline Playful and I'm now a follower.