Friday, 4 July 2014

Just catching up a bit.....

I'm just catching up in between dialysis and have over time made these cards. Some are new styles for me, I wanted to try new things. The above is one of them! I had these stamps for Christmas but this is the first inking they've had. I've done more since, but they are still to be made up!

 A wedding invitation reply card. The whole card is covered in Mica Powder and looked really sparkly but you can't see much of it on the photo! 

These two cards are similar, but just different colour schemes!  I added on some flowers to the grass after the photo was taken but they've gone to the charity now so I can't re-photograph them for you, sorry!

This is a gorgeous stamp I got in a sale at a Papercraft Fair last year. It's great for anything baby related!

I'm just putting together a few birthday cards for friends of my Aunt who want more of my cards after buying all I had of the "Thank You" and "Get Well Soon" ones in my charity box. I'm trying to make unusual shaped ones instead of the normal, fold in half type!

So look out for many more coming soon - if I have the energy after dialysis that is!

Keep smiling and keep crafting!


Twiglet said...

Your cards a really lovely Karen - they will put a smile on anyone's face I am sure. x Jo

Gill said...

Really great to see you back on your blog. Love all your new style cards they are really lovely.Gill x