Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Quick Update

Hi All

Just to let you all know, our little Domi went to sleep and didn't wake up again - aged 21 years and 2 weeks young. She is sorely missed every single minute and has left a huge hole in all our hearts and everyone who knew her. Such a sweetie.  I'm collecting her from the Pet Crematorium today to bring her home again.

It was supposed to all our family collecting her, but more bad news, my little Brother has had a stroke and is in hospital.  He is going on well and hopefully once he can stand and do the tasks he needs to do to satisfy them at the hospital he can go to Stroke Rehab Hospital next.  He has Rheumatoid Arthritis really bad so this is hampering his recovery as it's on happened on his already weak side.

Watching him having the stroke and calling the ambulance was scary, but it's loads better seeing him make small improvements each day we visit.

I spent all day from 8.45am and got home about 8.45pm at the hospital as I still have my hospital appointments to get to. My Brother is our driver in our family as I'm not allowed to drive so it's really difficult getting to places with two crutches myself, but hey, life goes on.

We smile, we laugh, we carry on....!!!

Karen x


Ambreen said...

Dear Karen,
I know the time is tough...but the Karen I know is the strongest person i know and always finds a silver lining even in the darkest hour....all your friends are praying for you and John and we all are really looking forward to see some of your craft work soon.....
so sending you a virtual hug...
with lots of love

Jennifer Scull said...

just sending lots and lots of prayers from over here.... so sorry to hear all of your news.