Monday, 17 June 2013

Special Card for a Special Friend and other news....

Welcome to my new followers - it's great to have you sharing my blog with me.

Happy Birthday Gill....!!!  I can now post the card on my blog. Sorry about the background but it was I had to hand at the time.  I decided to do something 'outside of my comfort zone' instead of the 'cute and cuddly' which I normally do.  I used some of the lovely Pearl Drops which you sent me to try - they work well on flowers as long as I leave them to dry somewhere outside of jumping range from our little blind old lady Domi. Sweet pea that she is!

Here's the card you saw with my last WOYWW posting.  Sorry I missed it last week, but I had a bad week, a good friend of mine died after a seven year fight with cancer.  It makes you realise how short life can really be.  I'm so lucky my own cancer is stable and I really hope it stays that way as long as possible.

I've also had an outer ear infection, the antibiotics are helping, but boy do they give you indigestion pain!!!  My tennis elbow has it's good and bad days.  The main thing is I'm still here and able to help others with this dreadful disease with my cardmaking making funds for the charities.

Keep smiling and keep fighting - never give up!


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GILL said...

Hi Karen
What a lovely surprise to see my great birthday card on your blog. Yes it does you good sometimes to do something different. Get the little (or big) grey cells working. Hope you are feeling better, will be in touch.

Gill x