Monday 1 June 2015

New Cards.....with others waiting to upload!

Hello all.  Thanks for being so patient as usual.  I've been making some cards, but have got to upload them.  I was going to try and upload them from my tablet, but it doesn't want to work with Blogger for some unknown reason.  As soon as I find out why and can get it to work it will be a lot easier.
Any way, with thanks to Gill for the Art Deco parts of this card I made this as a commission from a friend of mine.  I've made a few for her lately, so you will see them soon with luck!
I just love the mask and the fluffy feathers and the leaves.  I've still got some of those in my crafty stash so will have to find them.  I'm trying to use up some of my older stuff so that I can get new stuff! The age old problem of being a crafter, you don't want to use it all as it's so nice, but you need to so that you can make room for new stash!

My Aunt asked me to make this one for her Great Grand Child who loves Peppa Pig.  I made this one myself with cut out circles.  It seemed to work fine. Until she told me they weren't one but two. I'd got them mixed up with a friend of mine whose child is one!  Oops!  Never mind, it turned out alright in the end!

Hope to see you all again soon with the new cards I've made!

Keep smiling!!!

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